Hell On Earth Video: 19 Dead; Including 9 Kids

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(RightIsRight.co) – Happening Now: Firefighters with the New York City Fire Department – known as New York’s Bravest – said what they saw when they courageously entered the raging inferno that took at least 19 lives this weekend, including nine children, was like “hell on earth” and that they’ll never get what they saw out of their minds.

See the videos below.

Many of the firefighters ran out of oxygen in their Air-Paks as they desperately searched for victims they could save.

As the New York Post reported, “Sunday’s horrific Bronx blaze that killed 19 people was the city’s deadliest fire in nearly 32 years — since 87 people perished in March 1990 in the Happy Land social-club arson attack.”

The cause? Currently, it is believed to have been a faulty space heater.

Here are several videos of what it looked like from outside the building. Please email [email protected] with your reaction to this horrible tragedy and your prayers for the victims.

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