Hollywood Elitist: Only Poor People Worry About Gas Prices

Stephen Colbert

(RightIsRight.co) – Even if you agree with the overwhelming majority of elected representatives in the United States Congress who voted to ban the importation of all Russian energy products – including crude oil for refining into gasoline – and are willing to pay more for gasoline if it will help the Ukrainians in their battle to remain free and independent from Russia, you still must recognize that for many Americans that increased cost is extremely harmful to their ability to make ends meet.

That’s just common sense.

Of course, as always, many of the rich and powerful liberals in Hollywood and the entertainment industry don’t have common sense. They are ignorant of what astronomically high gas prices – the highest in history – are doing to hard-working Americans.

For example, “comedian” Stephen Colbert – a darling of the left.

As our friends at Breitbart note in “Multimillionaire Stephen Colbert Dismisses Soaring Gas Prices: ‘A Clean Conscience Is Worth a Buck or Two'”:

“Let Them Eat Lithium. Left-wing CBS late-night host Stephen Colbert, who boasts a reported personal net worth of approximately $75 million, professes to being entirely untroubled by soaring U.S. gas prices, admitting he takes comfort in the fact he drives a Tesla.

“On Monday night the electric car evangelist laid out just why he travels with a “clean conscience” as he commutes into Manhattan while others outside his elite struggle to fill their tanks just to go to work or carry their family around.

“‘Today, the average gas price in America hit an all-time record high of over $4/gallon. OK, that stings, but a clean conscience is worth a buck or two. It’s important. I’m willing to pay $4/gallon. Hell, I’ll pay $15 a gallon b/c I drive a Tesla,’ Stephen Colbert said.”

Well, good for you, Colbert. But, the reality is that most Americans are not wealthy. The truth is most Americans live paycheck to paycheck, and even “a buck or two” makes a huge difference in their lives.

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