House GOP Puts Hunter Biden in the Crosshairs

( – The Republicans in the US House of Representatives are pressing ahead with their plans to investigate the controversial business affairs of First Son Hunter Biden even as the GOP majority after the midterms is slimmer than had been projected, a report reveals.

At the same time, however, the Democrats’ better-than-expected midterm results “have emboldened a White House that has long prepared for this moment,” The Washington Times reported.

The Times noted that White House and other Democrat aides believe the American voters “punished the GOP” because it supported “Donald Trump-fueled lies” about the 2020 presidential election, and it relied on “conspiracy theories.”

The Democrats also view the 2022 midterm results as evidence that their election “playbook” of focusing on “legislative achievements” was the right call.

At the same time, candidates allied with Trump failed to attract the average American with “complaints about the president’s son.”

“If you look back, we picked up seats in New York, New Jersey, California,” Republican strategist Mike DuHaime is quoted as saying.

“These were not voters coming to the polls because they wanted Hunter Biden investigated – far from it. They were coming to the polls because they were upset about inflation. They’re upset about gas prices,” he added.

Yet, the report emphasized that in their first press conference after securing the majority, House Republicans dwelled on investigating Hunter Biden’s foreign business deals, exposed by materials found on his lost laptop and FBI documents leaked by conservative media outlets.

“From their first press conference, these congressional Republicans made clear that they’re going to do one thing in this new Congress, which is investigations, and they’re doing this for political payback for Biden’s efforts on an agenda that helps working people,” commented Democrat strategist Kyle Herrig.

Herrig has founded the Congressional Integrity Project, a multimillion-dollar initiative by Democratic Party strategists to counter upcoming Republican investigations.

At the same time, Joe Biden’s White House acted several months ago by hiring new staffers to prepare communication rebuttal to any GOP probes into Hunter Biden.

According to Republican US Rep. James Comer of Kentucky, who will be the next head of the House Oversight Committee, the First Son’s business dealings spark “troubling questions.”

Those also referred to Joe Biden himself and one of his brothers, James Biden, who has been a business partner of his nephew Hunter Biden.

“Rooting out waste, fraud and abuse in the federal government is the primary mission of the Oversight Committee. As such, this investigation is a top priority,” Comer declared.

“The Republicans are going to go ahead. I think their members are enthusiastic about going after this stuff… there are a lot of unanswered questions,” commented Republican lawyer Tom Davis, who specializes in congressional investigations.

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