How the Trump Administration Altered the Face of Immigration

How The Trump Administration Altered The Face of Immigration

( – US immigration policy has been a mess for years. A patchwork of laws, combined with “sanctuary cities” that actually encourage illegal immigration, have led to record immigration levels. When President Trump was elected, there were at least eight million illegals in the country, and possibly as many as 30 million; an estimated 820,000 of them have criminal records. There had also been an influx of legal immigrants and asylum seekers putting pressure on American jobs. President Trump set out to change all that.

Shutting Out Criminals

Under President Trump, there’s been a crackdown on illegal immigration, including agreements with Mexico and Central American nations to turn back “refugee caravans.” The wall makes our southern border more secure, blocking major routes used by people smugglers and illegals. He has also pushed to withhold federal funding from cities that refuse to enforce the law or cooperate with ICE.

Ending Welfare Tourism

In 2019, the Trump administration tightened the rules for green card applicants and other legal immigrants. The new system keeps out immigrants who would immediately need handouts from American taxpayers and encourages those who can invest money and create jobs. This cut legal immigration by more than 30%.

Deterring Terrorists

Two executive orders in 2017, including one issued just a week after President Trump’s inauguration, clamped down on immigration from eight countries that sponsor terrorism or have a serious problem with it. Although the president’s opponents have tried to label it a “Muslim ban,” it doesn’t affect more than 80% of Muslim-majority countries. Since 2017, immigration from these high-risk countries has fallen by 80%.

For the first time in decades, the US has a sensible immigration policy that aims to keep out terrorists, criminals and anyone else who doesn’t respect our laws. Instead, it seeks to attract immigrants who will help make the US safer and more prosperous. Despite liberal whining, immigration control is one of the most popular things President Trump has done – and even Joe Biden is now backing away from promises to undo the reforms if he’s eventually declared the winner of the 2020 election. Hopefully, Trump’s immigration laws will help keep us safe for decades to come.

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