Top US Official Resigns Over Biden Administration’s Actions

Top US Officials Resign Over Biden Administration's Actions

( – On July 7, attackers invaded Haiti president Jovenel Moise’s home and killed him, throwing the already tumultuous nation further into chaos. Soon after, the Biden administration nominated Daniel Foote to be the US special envoy to Haiti. However, two months after starting his job, the new ambassador resigned.

On Wednesday, September 22, Foote officially resigned from his position representing the United States to Haiti. He cited Biden’s “inhumane, counterproductive decision” to deport thousands of Haitians back to the gang-controlled country and the decades-long failed US policy approach to the nation.

PBS anchor and moderator Yamiche Alcindor shared Foote’s full resignation letter:

Foote is a seasoned veteran at the US State Department and knew exactly what he was doing penning his letter. After accusing the Biden administration of ignoring both the real plight of Haitians and his own ideas to aid the nation, Foote highlighted what Haitians actually want: “the opportunity to chart their own course, without international puppeteering and favored candidates.”

Foote is referring to the policies begun under the Clinton administration, propping up leaders the US president supports, rather than those that actual Haitian citizens want in office. This long-time US official hopes Americans will read his words and finally choose to act to help Haiti, rather than perpetuate its cycle of insecurity and unrest.

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