Huckabee’s Scared of THIS!?

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( – Expressing apprehension about potential political repercussions, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee warned House Republicans against impeaching Joe Biden.

In an interview with Real America’s Voice, Huckabee emphasized the futility of pursuing impeachment without bipartisan support, particularly noting that an impeachment in the House, which would not progress in the Senate, would only result in a “political disaster.”

Huckabee’s concern is rooted in the practicalities of the political process and the need for a strategic approach. He advised Republicans to focus instead on election-winning strategies and reminding the public of the comparative benefits during Donald Trump’s presidency.

He reiterated the necessity of Democratic support for any meaningful action against Biden. He cautioned that moving forward without sufficient information or bipartisan agreement would be a “huge mistake.”

“Until that happens, the best thing Republicans can do is keep dribbling out the information of Joe’s ties to the Communist Chinese Party and business deals,” Huckabee stated, underscoring his suggestion to concentrate on incrementally releasing information about Biden’s connections to foreign entities.

The impeachment inquiry, initiated in September by then-House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, focuses on the Biden family’s foreign business dealings. The inquiry has received support from current Speaker Mike Johnson, who lauded the efforts of key committee chairs, including Jim Jordan, James Comer, and Jason Smith. Johnson affirmed his “full and unwavering support” for the inquiry.

Moreover, Huckabee is troubled by the Republican National Committee’s (RNC) current state, pointing out the lack of a “cohesive message” and effective election strategy under the current leadership. This highlights a broader concern about the party’s direction and efficacy in rallying support.

Huckabee’s remarks demand a pragmatic perspective, emphasizing the importance of strategic planning and support in political endeavors, especially concerning potentially futile impeachment proceedings against Biden.

His advice reflects a cautious approach, advocating for a focus on gathering information and winning elections rather than pursuing potentially divisive and unsuccessful impeachment efforts.