Hunter Biden Tax Trial Update

( – Despite all the evidence against him, a federal judge decided to postpone Hunter Biden’s tax-evasion trial until the fall to allow his legal team additional time to prepare as they gear up for his federal gun trial.

Judge Mark Scarsi moved the trial date for Hunter’s tax charges in California to September 5, responding to a request from Biden’s attorneys, who are seeking more time after his impending federal gun trial.

These lawyers have been unable to delay the gun trial despite their claims of being underprepared and understaffed to adequately confront the Department of Justice (DOJ).

Hunter’s tax trial was initially set to commence shortly after the expected conclusion of his gun trial. He faces nine federal charges accusing him of failing to pay over $1 million in taxes over a span of four years.

Moreover, the December indictment details accounts of Hunter’s extravagant lifestyle and earnings, which topped $7 million over that period, mostly from overseas business activities during and following his father’s tenure as vice president.

While Hunter Biden has entered a guilty plea to these charges, his legal team’s earlier attempts to dismiss them were unsuccessful.

However, it remains uncertain how Hunter Biden will manage the mounting costs of his defense. His main financial backer, Democratic donor Kevin Morris, who has reportedly contributed about $6.5 million, is said to be discontinuing his financial support.

Special counsel David Weiss, appointed by Attorney General Merrick Garland—a nominee of Hunter’s father, Joe Biden—is leading the prosecution on both the tax and federal gun charges.

Efforts by Hunter’s attorneys to claim that Weiss’s appointment was illegal and to argue that the DOJ is targeting Hunter unfairly have not prevailed.

As Hunter Biden prepares for his second trial, Joe Biden is in the critical final phase of his reelection campaign against former president Donald Trump.

With early voting set to begin around the time the tax trial commences, the proceedings could potentially sway the outcome of the 2024 presidential election.

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