Hunter Challenges GOP

Hunter Biden sign

( – In an attempt to portray himself as a political martyr, Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden, has agreed to testify publicly before the House Oversight Committee next month, as stated in a letter from his attorney, Abbe D. Lowell.

In early November, the House Oversight Committee subpoenaed Hunter Biden and his uncle, James Biden, seeking answers about the Biden family’s foreign business dealings.

The committee, led by Chairman James Comer, revealed that over five years, the Biden family and its business associates received over $24 million from Ukraine, Russia, China, Romania, and Kazakhstan.

Expressing skepticism about Hunter Biden’s proposed public testimony, Comer insists on adhering to the rules required of everyone else. “Our lawfully issued subpoena to Hunter Biden requires him to appear for a deposition on December 13,” Comer stated, adding that Hunter Biden should also have the opportunity to testify publicly at a later date.

The letter asserts Hunter Biden’s intent to answer “any pertinent and relevant question” at a public hearing. The date proposed for this public hearing is December 13 or any other date in December that can be mutually arranged.

In the letter, Lowell labels the committee’s investigation as “empty” and politically motivated, suggesting it has manipulated Hunter Biden’s business dealings and history of addiction into a basis for hearings to accuse Joe Biden of wrongdoing. He accuses the committee of focusing exclusively on Joe Biden’s family.

As part of the impeachment inquiry, Comer and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan wrote to Lowell emphasizing the importance of Hunter Biden’s testimony to determine whether sufficient grounds exist for drafting articles of impeachment against Joe Biden. They seek to investigate whether Joe Biden took any official action for personal or familial financial benefit.

The subpoenas and the inquiry come amidst revelations from subpoenaed bank records, as released by Chairman Comer, revealing financial transactions involving the Biden family, including a $40,000 payment labeled as “loan repayment” from James Biden to Joe Biden in 2017 and a $200,000 payment in 2018.

The White House maintains that these were legitimate loans, but Comer and his team suggest otherwise, stating that the transactions implicate Joe Biden in benefiting from foreign dealings.

Hunter Biden’s public testimony could shed light on these allegations and the broader inquiry into the Biden family’s secretive business dealings.