If Jeffrey Epstein Is Dead, How Is THIS Happening?

Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell

(RightIsRight.co) – Reporters covering the ongoing saga and questions arising from the “suicide” of Jeffrey Epstein have yet another mystery that they are trying to solve.

Who is moving millions of dollars of his money around if Jeffrey Epstein is dead?

As the Intelligencer column for nymag.com notes in “Why Did One of Jeffrey Epstein’s Bank Accounts Come Back Online After His Death?“:

“…Seven months after his apparent suicide, new fiscal mysteries are still emerging: According to a court hearing this week, documents presented to a judge in the U.S. Virgin Islands show a series of multimillion-dollar payments transferred from his estate to a bank he owned, Southern Country International, after his death.

“…’ There’s no explanation for it,’ said Judge Carolyn Hermon-Purcell, who is responsible for the distribution of Epstein’s remaining assets in the Virgin Islands. Epstein’s lawyers claim that the transfers were an error, though the records were found listed with basic financial payments like cable bills. Hermon-Purcell has ordered the estate to produce further documents explaining the financial irregularities.” [emphasis added]

Ah yes. Another “irregularity” surrounding the “suicide” of Epstein. This time millions of dollars were transferred from his estate, and yet the judge overseeing the estate can find no explanation for the transfers.

One need not be a conspiracy theorist to see that the life and death – even the post-death – of the disgusting and notorious Jeffrey Epstein may never be fully unraveled.

Of course, the even bigger question is how many secrets of the rich and powerful – men like Bill Clinton – did he take to his grave if, in fact, he is dead.

What do you think? Please email [email protected] and share your opinion about the many unanswered questions surrounding Jeffrey Epstein. Do you think he was killed to silence him from revealing what he knew about men like Bill Clinton? Do you think he may be still alive given the millions in money transfers the judge can’t explain?