Ilhan Omar Attacks Republicans, Calls Them Cowards

Ilhan Omar Attacks Republicans, Calls Them Cowards

( – House Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has a long history of double standards as she pushes her agenda alongside the rest of the Left’s radical squad. Her latest hypocritical attack against the GOP happened last week when speaking with Chris Hayes on MSNBC’s “All In.”

Omar Calls Republicans Cowards and Grifters

During the interview, Hayes spoke with Omar about the Democrats’ push to boot Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) from the two congressional committees she was assigned to serve on.

Hayes asked her if there was any way to “break the cycle” of party politics that seems to be occurring right now as Omar is also facing calls to remove her from her committee assignments. Omar responded with an emphatic no, then went on the offensive against Republicans.

Omar said the GOP base is made up of “cowards”, “opportunists”, “grifters”, and “obstructionists.” She made the above comments shortly after attacking Rep. Greene’s decision to fundraise while Democrats were pushing to have her removed from her committee assignments.

Additionally, she said the party has been “destroyed” and is “becoming the Looney Tunes.” But, insulting half of America in this manner is not the way to show inclusivity and diversity, two values she often touts in her speeches.

Omar Sets a Double Standard as She Fundraises Under the Same Circumstances as Greene

Omar implied that Green’s choice to fundraise is a prime example of how the GOP is full of “opportunists.” However, without missing a beat, Omar started her own fundraiser on Wednesday, February 3, as the GOP tries to take away her committee assignments.

In her fundraising email, she clearly stated the fundraiser was to “fight back” against Greene. This simple statement shows that Omar is willing to be just as much of an opportunist as anyone else in politics.

Omar’s rhetoric often tries to set a high bar for how society should act. But, when one scrolls through her Twitter feed, it’s often fraught with personal attacks against others and potentially anti-semitic and anti-America views. Omar should remember the time-honored tradition of thinking before she speaks to tone down her hypocrisy just a bit.

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