‘I’m Not Giving Up!’ (VIDEO)

(RightIsRight.co) – Breaking his and his followers’ hearts, Democratic Rep. Dean Phillips from Minnesota shared on social media last Friday that he had to let go of many people working on his 2024 presidential campaign.

This tough decision was due to not having enough money to keep the campaign running as he had hoped.

“Today, sadly, I had to announce layoffs to a lot of my staff members,” Phillips revealed. Despite the challenges, he remains dedicated to his run for president. He talked about his efforts to gain recognition and support, stating, “We went to New Hampshire on Oct. 27. No name recognition, zero in the polls and, 10 weeks later, we generated 20% in the primary in late January in New Hampshire.”

Phillips didn’t hide the struggles he’s faced. “It’s really hard. It’s hard to raise money. It’s hard to generate platforms to introduce myself. And it’s hard when your party’s working against you,” he said. Despite trying traditional methods like phone calls and fundraisers, Phillips found it difficult to gather the financial support needed.

Even with these layoffs Phillips sent a message of determination to his supporters: “I’m going to continue this journey as long as you want this journey continued,” he asserted. “I’m not giving up, I’m gonna continue. I’m on the ballot in 43 states. Our country is desperate for change. If you still believe that we can do better please consider supporting in my campaign.”

Phillips has been vocal about issues like the national debt, military spending, and tax burdens. Despite early setbacks in the Democratic primaries in New Hampshire and South Carolina and not being on the ballot in Nevada he described his campaign experience as “joyful.”

This announcement came shortly after Marianne Williamson another Democratic candidate considered a longshot ended her campaign on Feb. 7.

You can check Phillip’s message HERE: