Instagram Warns of Dangerous New Scam

Instagram Warns of Dangerous New Scam

( – Every day, hackers try new and creative ways to steal people’s data. Social media accounts are a common target, and this week, Instagram has released a new warning about the latest scam targeting its users.

On Monday, March 29, Instagram shared a short video about the most recent attempt by hackers to steal personal information:

Users had been receiving messages from an account named “’Instagram Copyright Help Centre” declaring that a recent post the user uploaded contained copyright violations. The message prompted users to follow a link to provide their login information in order to contest the situation. The hacker also said the user’s account would be closed if there was no response within 24 hours.

Instagram responded by making it clear that it will never contact users through direct messages. This is a common theme across most major social media platforms. Instead, major platforms will use an account’s associated email or the settings for official messages.

Remember, keep passwords secure and never share them with anyone. If there are suspicions a message may be spam, check that you are on the correct website and send the platform a message directly.

By keeping your social profiles safe, you’re preventing identity theft and helping others stay safe as well.

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