Intelligence Leader Admits Most Trapped Afghanistan Victims Won’t Be Saved By Deadline

Intelligence Leader Admits Most Trapped Afghanistan Victims Won't Be Saved By Deadline

( – As Americans sit and watch the ongoing chaos in Afghanistan, many feel hopeless as there’s little they can do. US military forces, NGOs, and other officials continue to work around the clock to evacuate our citizens and Afghans from the now Taliban-controlled country. However, some intelligence leaders do not think the US will meet the strict timeline to get everyone out of the country.

The Taliban has repeatedly declared that it’ll hold countries to the August 31 deadline for evacuating their citizens and Afghans from the nation. In addition, there’s no count or estimate on how many victims without resources to get to the Kabul airport remain in Afghanistan.

Sadly, on Monday, August 23, Representative Adam Schiff (D-MA) told reporters it seems “very unlikely” that teams on the ground in Afghanistan would be able to find and help all the people who need evacuation. This group includes Americans as well as Afghans who qualify for Special Immigration Visas (SIVs), members of the press and female leaders.

On top of this, Schiff warned that terrorists might target the evacuees as they leave, shared here by CNN congressional correspondent Ryan Nobles:

Hopefully, reality proves Schiff’s words wrong, and we reach all who need evacuation from Afghanistan by August 31. If not, our government will have to find creative ways of getting our citizens out, no matter the timeline.

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