Irony: Mexicans Are Now Complaining about American Expats ‘Disrupting’ Their Economy, Culture

Mexican Flag

( – In an ironic development, Mexicans – who have been flocking to the United States and its higher standard of living by the millions for decades now – are growing indignant as more Americans come to live in their capital, Mexico City.

While Mexico and its capital have long been a major destination for American tourists, it is now Americans working remotely who are said to be “flooding” the city, according to a report by The Los Angeles Times.

The average monthly salary in the Mexican capital is $450, and $2,000, which rents a one-bedroom apartment in LA, would get an American a penthouse there.

So much so that many locals don’t just resent the American newcomers but are openly and actively hostile in the sense of urging them to return to the United States.

The influx of Americans from California, New York, and anywhere in the U.S. has a “scent of new-wave imperialism,” the LA Times report says.

It notes that the number of Americans coming to live in Mexico City has soared since the coronavirus pandemic and is now “likely to continue” to grow because of the spiking inflation at home in the U.S. on President Joe Biden’s watch.

Apparently, the wave of U.S. citizens is so substantial that it “is transforming some of the city’s most treasured neighborhoods into expat enclaves.”

The report details how traditional Mexican food and grocery venues are yielding their spots to “Pilates studios, co-working spaces and sleek cafes advertising oat-milk lattes” to cater to the tastes of the American arrivals.

The Americans are also driving rents up with their purchasing power and swarming local restaurants and cafes in their preferred neighborhoods where English is heard far more often than Spanish.

The anger of the locals in Mexico City seems to be revealed best by outspoken posters put up around town.

“New to the city? Working remotely? You’re a f—ing plague and the locals f—ing hate you. Leave,” the posters say.

An exchange on Twitter noted by the report also seems to catch the sentiment of the Mexicans indignant over the numerous Americans flocking to their capital.

“Do yourself a favor and remote work in Mexico City — it is truly magical,” tweeted a young American.

“Please don’t. This city is becoming more and more expensive every day in part because of people like you, and you don’t even realize or care about it,” read “one of the kinder replies.”