Is She the New ‘Angel of Death’?

The "Angel of Death"?

( – The question now being asked in right-minded circles is if “she” is the new “Angel of Death?”

Who is “she”?

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, a hard-left Democrat.

Here’s how the conservative Washington Examiner frames the issue:

In August, Vanity Fair published an article labeling Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis the “Angel of Death” because of increased COVID-19 infections. The narrative was that DeSantis was an incompetent governor whose policies led to an “unnecessary” increase in deaths. However, Michigan experienced a new record for COVID-19 hospitalizations on Monday, the Hastings Tribune reported. Yet Whitmer has been an ardent follower of COVID-19 protocols lauded by Democrats and Dr. Anthony Fauci. Applying the same logic, this means Whitmer should be dubbed the new Angel of Death, right?”

It seems to us here at Right is Right to be a fair question to ask – especially as Governor Whitmer has repeatedly and loudly lectured conservative Republican governors across the country about how she believes – indeed demands – they should behave and govern in their states.

And, she’s taken more than a few shots at Florida Governor DeSantis in recent years. Yet, here she finds herself with record-high hospitalizations for COVID-19 in her state even though she has held herself and her state out as the gold standard for combatting the pandemic.

So, fellow patriots, we ask you what you believe. If the mainstream media was so eager to label Flordia Governor Ron DeSantis the “Angel of Death” when his state was being hit somewhat hard by the coronavirus, is it not fair to label Governor Whitmer of Michigan the “Angel of Death” now that her state is one of the worst in the country in protecting its residents from the virus?

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