Islamic Terrorists Kill Honeymooning Couple in Africa – Details

( – Besides massacring scores of civilians in Israel, Islamist terrorists have committed another gut-wrenching crime: the slaughter of a honeymooning couple who were in the Central African nation of Uganda to celebrate their marriage.

David and Celia Barlow, a couple from Hampstead Norreys near Newbury in Berkshire, England, lost their lives while on their honeymoon in Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park, BBC News reports.

Their tour guide was also killed in the attack. Following their deaths, their vehicle was reportedly set on fire.

The Ugandan police suspect was committed by the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), an Islamist group affiliated with the Islamic State, now mainly active in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The Newbury community has mourned the Barlows’ deaths, with the village’s cricket club saying they will be “desperately missed.”

The parish council regarded David Barlow as a vital member, calling him a “pillar of the community.”

“We wake today with a heavy heart, and the deepest sorrow to hear the devastating news of the death of Dave and Celia Barlow. Words cannot express how to react to this dreadful news,” said Richard Davies, a church official from their hometown.

The Parish Council, where Mr. Barlow served for over ten years, praised his dedication.

The local cricket club cherished memories of both, fondly naming Mr. Barlow as “Lord Barlow” and remembering Mrs. Barlow, originally from South Africa, as “an amazing human.”

Andrew Mitchell, the UK minister for development and Africa, expressed his shock on social media over the incident, advising British nationals in Uganda to heed travel recommendations.

The attack took place close to Uganda’s border with DRC. The IS group later claimed responsibility for the assault, although without any solid evidence.

A recent plot to bomb churches in Uganda, allegedly by ADF, was thwarted, as stated by Uganda’s president.

“We have registered a cowardly terrorist attack on two foreign tourists and a Ugandan in Queen Elizabeth National Park. The three were killed, and their safari vehicle burnt,” stated Uganda Police spokesperson Fred Enanga.

The police also released a photograph of the burning vehicle.

In response to the incident, the UK Foreign Office updated its travel guidelines for Uganda, cautioning against non-essential travel to Queen Elizabeth National Park.