Israel Building a New System to Detect Missiles

Israel Building a New System to Detect Missiles

( – As tensions continue to escalate in the Middle East, Israel is taking the next step in protecting its own. In a new partnership with the United States, the country is upgrading its missile interceptor program to “address a wide range of evolving threats in the region.”

On Thursday, February 18, the Israel Ministry of Defense released a statement confirming its new weapons system, the Arrow-4. Over the next ten years, the Arrow-4 will replace the Arrow-2, which has been used since 2000. It will be used alongside the current Arrow-3 system that was developed in 2017.

TRT World News shares more about the partnership:

While Israel Aerospace Industries is the main contractor for the project, both Boeing and Elbit Systems will also contribute to the new missile detection project.

The Arrow-4 will be the most advanced missile defense system in operation, making Israel on the cutting edge of operating the technology. This new interceptor system will not only strengthen ties with our main ally in the Middle East, but it will give Israel more confidence and stability as it faces threats from Iran and others within the region.

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