Israeli Population SURGED Under President Trump

Israeli Population SURGED Under President Trump

( – For thousands of years, different groups have fought over Israel and its West Bank. During Trump’s first term, however, the United States provided enough support and acceptance to the controversial settlements that the Israeli population surged.

The West Bank Jewish Population Stats organization compiles reports based on data from Israel’s Ministry of the Interior. The latest report shows the settler population increased nearly 13% since early 2017. Israel‘s population as a whole grew 8%, reaching almost 9.3 million people.

The Trump administration’s acceptance of Israeli settlements likely encouraged much of the growth. Many anticipate the numbers will only continue to climb from here, in spite of the clash over West Bank Settlements.

With former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s strategic visits to an Israeli settlement, alongside the encouragement from President Trump over the past four years, Israel has truly blossomed in the past few years. When looked at alongside the phenomenal Abraham Accords that brought together multiple countries in the region, Trump’s legacy of peace and freedom in the Middle East will hopefully hold for years to come.

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