Israel’s New Attack Plan

Israel flag

( – In an effort to completely eradicate the threat of Hamas from Gaza, Israel is reportedly considering an unprecedented strategy by flooding the terrorist group’s extensive network of underground tunnels in Gaza with seawater.

This potential tactic, which involves the use of large pumps to draw water from the Mediterranean Sea, was revealed by U.S. officials and reported by The Wall Street Journal. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) completed the assembly of at least five powerful pumps capable of moving thousands of cubic meters of water per hour.

The system, located about one mile north of the Al-Shati refugee camp, was finished around mid-November. If executed, this plan could flood approximately 800 tunnels utilized by Hamas for covert movement and operations within a matter of weeks.

However, Israel has yet to commit to this course of action, partly due to concerns about its potential impact on Gaza’s already scarce clean water supply and infrastructure. The prospect of flooding these tunnels raises numerous questions about the feasibility and potential consequences of such an operation.

Experts have expressed uncertainty about the effectiveness of this approach, given the lack of detailed knowledge about the tunnels and the surrounding ground conditions.

Complicating matters is the consideration of whether to proceed with this plan before the release or rescue of the remaining Israeli hostages believed to be held in these underground areas.

Flooding the tunnels could also pose environmental risks, potentially contaminating soil with hazardous materials and exacerbating the humanitarian crisis caused by the ongoing conflict.

Gaza relies on three Israeli pipelines for clean water, with one pipeline shut down and the others operating at limited capacity. Palestinians in the territory currently receive only three liters of water per day, below the UN’s recommended daily minimum.

The Wall Street Journal reported that U.S. officials were informed of this plan but remain uncertain about how close Israel is to making a decision. Meanwhile, the Israeli military continues its extensive airstrikes against Hamas, targeting the group’s capabilities and tunnel network as part of its broader war effort in Gaza.

The IDF has reportedly conducted over 10,000 airstrikes and struck more than 400 separate Hamas targets since the recent cease-fire agreement collapsed.