Israel’s Plan To Retrieve Hostages

Israel flag
Photo by Taylor Brandon on Unsplash

Counterterrorism specialist Aaron Cohen cautioned the Israeli forces on Sunday, emphasizing the urgency to act promptly in rescuing hostages to prevent further escalation.

He stressed that any delay by Israel in undertaking hostage rescue missions in Gaza gives terrorists ample time to relocate these hostages, posing a challenge for agencies like Mossad and Shin Bet in tracking them down. As Cohen, a former Israeli Defense Forces member, articulated on Sunday, “A delay means hostages face more relocation, deteriorating health, and fatigue, allowing Hamas to further shield them from Israeli intelligence.”

Following a massive rocket attack on southern Israel on Saturday night by Hamas militants, Israel’s security cabinet declared a state of war. The media reported hundreds dead and thousands injured in this surprise offensive.

The following day saw fierce confrontations between Israeli troops and Hamas militants in southern Israel, in the aftermath of an assault by Iranian-supported Hamas forces who launched rockets from the Gaza Strip, resulting in significant casualties.

Speaking on “Fox & Friends Weekend,” Cohen, with his background in Israeli special operations, confidently pointed out to Pete Hegseth that Israel’s expertise in hostage rescue gives them a distinct edge.

Cohen recalled a remarkable 1976 rescue operation by Israel in Entebbe, Uganda, where an airplane was seized with 103 hostages by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

He highlighted, “Israel has set high standards in hostage rescue missions. The current scenario is multifaceted – with hostages inside Israel and some in Gaza, possibly in tunnels, buildings, or apartments.”

Cohen emphasized the critical nature of time, expressing faith that Israel would leverage its strategic prowess in these situations. “Expect them to intensify their efforts, utilizing elements of surprise, audacity, and sheer determination. They rival elite forces like the Delta Force or SEAL Team Six. When it comes to such missions, Israelis are exceptionally skilled,” Cohen wrapped up.