Italy Workers Won’t Get Paid Without Vaccine Passport

Italy Workers Won't Get Paid Without Vaccine Passport

( – As nations began to roll out the coronavirus vaccine, people around the world hoped it would end the global pandemic. Yet, as COVID-19 infections continue to spread, some governments are taking matters into their own hands. Italy just mandated that all workers must show the nation’s coronavirus passport, called the Green Pass, when they go to work or else they could lose their jobs.

Italy Mandates Vaccine Passport for All Workers

For months, Italy used its Green Pass to give citizens access to certain venues and to regulate travel in and out of the country. To secure the green pass, one would have to have a recent negative test, recent recovery from COVID-19, or proof of vaccination.

On Thursday, September 16, the government announced the pass would soon be necessary for anyone wishing to work. In addition, the government emphasized it would not pay for coronavirus tests, but rather adults must shell out €15, around $17.61, for each test.

If government enforcers find workers without a valid Green Pass, they can fine both the business and employee up to €1,500, around $1,761. This enforcement will begin on October 15 and go through December 31, unless extended past this date. Currently, it applies to all of the 23 million Italians in the country’s workforce.

Italian Officials Stand Behind The Pass, Despite Pushback

Unsurprisingly, protests sparked across the nation asking for the government to reverse the mandate. However, Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza defended the move, stating that the mandate will “help us push forward this vaccination campaign.” He also told the Associated Press the Green Pass was actually “an instrument of freedom that will help us make workplaces safer.”

Coronavirus in Italy

Anytime a nation introduces a new policy regarding coronavirus, it’s important to look at how the virus is affecting the country. Italy currently has the second-highest death toll from the virus in Europe, second to Britain. Sixty-seven percent (67%) of Italy’s population is fully vaccinated, while 74% of Italians have had at least one dose.

Overall, 130,551 Italians passed away from the virus or complications with it since the pandemic began. While this loss of life is large, Italians protesting the latest vaccine passport mandate emphasize that they should not have to inject their bodies with a vaccine in order to work. Rather, it’s a personal choice they would like to make with their medical providers.

Many citizens are choosing to wait to see if the government actually enforces the policy come October 15 even though the mandate is increasing vaccinations in the country.

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