It’s Been An ‘Open Secret’!

( – In a bombshell declaration, NBC News’s Chuck Todd stated that Joe Biden’s declining cognitive health had been an “open secret” for years.

This remark came after he revealed that a senior cabinet member from the Biden administration suggested in 2022 that the Democrat cannot run for reelection.

“I’m not gonna out the cabinet secretary, right?” Todd said on his “The Chuck Toddcast” podcast. “But I had a cabinet secretary two years ago… all out of the blue ask me, ‘Do you really think he’s gonna — he can’t run again like this?’”

The former “Meet the Press” host then said that the secretary told him he had little interaction with Biden.

“This is a pretty senior cabinet secretary. And this was two years ago,” Todd emphasized. “This is one of those, you know, it’s the classic open secret, a non-versation, right? It’s the story everybody knows and no one was— everybody was afraid to talk about.”

Moreover, Todd further criticized the Biden administration for hiding the 81-year-old Democrat’s health, notably giving the mainstream media a pass.

“It looks like they’re putting, essentially, party over country — and for what?” he posed. “They cannot, I mean, there is no evidence — this is irresponsible — there is no evidence he can serve four years.”

Todd also underscored that there was no evidence he could serve four years and the fact that they had to drag the White House had to, they had to drag it out of him that they had had this neurological test.

“But now you have to wait till the New York Times goes to the visitor logs, finds eight visits!” he said. “‘No, it wasn’t eight. It’s just been three with Biden. But don’t worry, all is good.’ They have no credibility left on this topic. None.”

Despite Democrats’ concerns, Biden has been adamant about staying in the race. He even said during the recent ABC News interview that he would only drop out if the “Lord Almighty” told him to.

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