Jeffrey Epstein’s Home Destroyed in Valiant Act

Jeffrey Epstein's Home Destroyed in Valiant Act

( – Jeffrey Epstein was a convicted pedophile accused of sexually assaulting huge numbers of women and girls before reportedly killing himself in a Manhattan jail in 2019. His atrocious acts were committed in many locations, but most notably on his private island in the Caribbean and his mansion in Palm Beach, Florida. The latter of these spots, though, is no longer standing after a local real estate developer demolished the building which could have haunted the community for decades to come.

On Tuesday, April 20, BG Group Demolition destroyed Epstein’s former six-bedroom mansion, as well as the matching pool house and staff quarters. Wall Street Journal reporter Candace Taylor was excited to share the news on Twitter:

Todd Michael Glaser is the man to thank for purchasing the $18.5-million-dollar home in order to destroy it. The money from the sale will go into a fund for the victims who were trafficked or assaulted by Epstein. For many of these victims, the destruction of this building is likely a breath of fresh air, and hopefully, some degree of redemption in an otherwise once beautiful place.

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