Jim Acosta Says Trump Might Belong in Jail

Jim Acosta Says Trump Might Belong in Jail

(RightIsRight.co) – President Donald Trump is someone that the Democrats and left-leaning media love to hate. After the 45th president left office, it seemed sites like CNN and the New York Times had much less to talk about, so now, they are trying to spark the fire again by continually attacking the former President. Recently, CNN anchor Jim Acosta has constantly tried to insult Trump in just about every way he can, including suggesting he deserves to be in jail.

Acosta Harasses President Trump While Claiming He Reports on “Real News”

On Wednesday, July 14, Acosta spoke with Chris Cuomo about a soon-to-be-published book about President Trump’s final year in office. The book has quotes from military leaders who allegedly said they would resign if Trump asked them to do something illegal. However, it’s critical to note these military leaders, to the best of our knowledge, did not resign, so it’s most likely Trump did not ask them to do anything out of the ordinary.

But, in an attempt to advertise this political book stunt, Acosta asked Cuomo if Trump “belongs in the slammer” for things he said and did leading up to January 6. Acosta went so far as to say President Trump tried to have an “administrative coup,” although he failed to outline what exactly that meant.

Acosta has tried again and again to humiliate President Trump, but rather than giving him any credibility as a reporter, it shows he has simply joined in the seemingly constant witch hunt against Trump that most Americans have written off as ridiculous at this point.

Acosta Accuses Trump of Playing President

Jim Acosta couldn’t leave President Trump alone, and went on to criticize his recent travel to the border, accusing the GOP leader of playing president long after he left office. However, it seems that Acosta is simply playing reporter with each of these accusations and failing to report any actual facts along with his insults.

At one point, Acosta called Trump and his followers clowns, but retracted his insult shortly after saying it was “an insult to clowns.” The CNN anchor chose to pin this tweet to the top of his Twitter feed because apparently name-calling is more important than reporting on any current events in our world right now.

President Trump Has and Will Continue to Rise Above the Left’s Insults

While the mainstream media can continue to hurl countless insults at President Trump, they have failed to take down the former president thus far and instead just added fuel to his fire. Republicans understand that President Trump will continue to fight for them and America’s conservative values as long as he can, and he will not be held back at all by the Left’s attempts to criticize him. Now if only Jim Acosta would choose someone else to harass, he might have more success.

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