Joe Biden Ends Vacation Abruptly Amid Crisis

Joe Biden Ends Vacation Abruptly Amid Crisis

( – Observers can usually see the toll the presidency takes on a person as they read the news stories and look at the photos surrounding his most recent days in the White House. Perhaps President Joe Biden hoped vacations would ease that burden. But, after trying to ignore the disaster unfolding in Afghanistan this weekend and blaming others, our commander-in-chief finally chose to end his Camp David getaway and face the chaos he helped create.

On Friday, August 13, President Biden arrived at Camp David for a bit of relaxation at the presidential retreat nestled in Catoctin Mountain Park, Maryland. As he was enjoying time away in the woods, the Taliban took over Afghanistan and its capital, Kabul. Biden stayed at Camp David despite the unfolding crisis in Afghanistan caused by his swift removal of US troops from the struggling nation.

President Biden did fly to the White House on Monday afternoon to defend his choice to withdraw US troops from the country, but he quickly returned to Camp David that night. Senator Tom Cotton (R-AK) criticized the president for this move:

Finally, on Tuesday, August 17, Biden returned to the White House shortly after 9 p.m., putting an end to his vacation. If this is how the president faces a crisis he helped create halfway around the world, let’s hope he doesn’t have any vacation days left when a crisis happens on our own soil.

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