Joe Biden Finally Takes Action in the Middle East

Joe Biden Finally Takes Action in the Middle East

( – After 11 days of fighting between Israel and Palestine’s Hamas terrorist group, a cease-fire was finally reached on Thursday, May 20. Yet, in the days leading up to it and even a few right after, President Biden did nothing more than share a few words over the phone with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in an attempt to stop the conflict. This week, though, Biden finally managed to address the issue.

Biden sent his Secretary of State Antony Blinken to the Middle East on Monday, May 24, to meet with Israeli and Palestinian leaders in hopes of protecting the cease-fire and kickstarting peace talks. The White House released a statement, noting its “ironclad commitment to Israel’s security,” although that phrase doesn’t carry much weight after Biden failed to act during the 11 days of bombings.

President Biden also shared on Twitter his condemnation of the attacks:

For many Americans, Biden’s actions are too little, too late, especially knowing that former President Donald Trump would likely not have allowed the conflict to escalate this far in the first place. This makes many Americans wonder, why did Biden wait so long to act?

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