Joe Biden Humiliated at Super Bowl

Joe Biden Humiliated at Super Bowl Event

( – Super Bowl Sunday is practically a holiday in the US as Americans get together in each others’ homes and watch football players go head-to-head in the nation’s most popular sporting event. But, President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden made a pre-recorded video appearance at the game, drawing quite a passionate — and humiliating — response from the crowd.

Before Super Bowl LV’s kickoff, a video message from the Biden’s played on the jumbotron. First, they thanked essential workers, many of which were medical personnel in attendance at the game. Then, they asked all those watching to join them in a moment of silence to recognize Americans who died from COVID-19. But, rather than following Biden’s request, the stands erupted into booing.

Biden’s attempt to appeal to NFL fans is in stark contrast to Donald Trump, who was warmly welcomed at last years’ Super Bowl, as shared here by Reporter Barrett Sallee:

Many fans in attendance at the Superbowl made their dislike for Joe Biden clear. He shouldn’t have tried to manipulate our nation’s favorite sporting event into a politically-charged public service announcement. Perhaps he should have taken a page from Trump’s playbook and simply applauded the incredible athleticism showcased at the event.

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