Joe Biden Puts Pressure on GOP Over Gun Control

Joe Biden Puts Pressure on GOP Over Gun Control

( – Stricter gun control has been a rally cry of the radical Left for years. President Joe Biden, although he once claimed he would fight for the rights of all Americans, has unsurprisingly turned out to subscribe to this insane agenda. In his joint address to Congress on the evening of Wednesday, April 28, Biden turned up the pressure on the GOP to pass his latest gun reform measures.

President Biden Tries to Reframe Gun Control

In a typical Democrat move, President Biden tried to change the rhetoric around gun control in our nation. He called his proposed ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines “reasonable” but said he didn’t want to “become confrontational” on the issue. However, in the same sentence, Biden also told Senate Republicans to get on board with the “overall majority” of Democrats who agree with his background check bill.

Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO) shot back against the President’s words, highlighting her fight to protect our Second Amendment rights:

Democrats Have No Desire to Be Bipartisan

Throughout his speech, President Biden tried to detail how his administration was being bipartisan by occasionally inviting some GOP lawmakers to discuss issues with him and his Cabinet. However, Biden and Harris have yet to make any compromises or concessions to Republicans on gun control or any other matter.

To this end, President Biden said gun control is not a partisan issue of Democrat versus Republican but instead “an American issue.” By trying to reframe the issue, Biden is hoping citizens forget about how our nation was born out of our right to own a gun.

Protecting Our Second Amendment

Our Second Amendment rights allow citizens, including millions of women, to participate in gun-related sporting events, and even to protect themselves when necessary. The right to keep and bear arms fosters a culture of providing and protecting one’s family, a crucial aspect of our American landscape. While President Biden continues to pressure GOP lawmakers to cave to his agenda, citizens can, as they see fit, remind their representatives just how much our gun rights mean to us as Americans.

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