Joe Rogan Says Vaccination Won’t Be Required for Comedy Show

Joe Rogan Says Vaccination Won't Be Required for Comedy Show

( – As more cities and states force citizens to show proof of the COVID jab for entrance into public and private venues, Americans grow more concerned about what freedoms they will and won’t have in different venues. But, some entertainers, like comedian and podcaster Joe Rogan, are giving their fans a choice when it comes to these mandates.

On Friday, August 20, Joe Rogan met with freelance writer and journalist Meghan Murphy on his podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience.” During the show, Rogan highlighted that he won’t mandate any of his show attendees get the vaccine. However, some cities and venues, such as New York City and Madison Square Garden, have rules in place where all attendees must show proof of vaccination.

In response to this, Rogan decided to refund anyone who bought tickets to his New York City show who does not want to comply with NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s vaccination requirement.

Mediaite shared more about Rogan’s feelings towards vaccine passports and American’s rights to medical freedom:

Rogan highlighted that many people have “an ideological or physiological reason for not getting vaccinated,” and that should not stop them from seeing a comedy show. Hopefully, more entertainers follow his lead as shows, concerts, and plays begin to fill to capacity once again.

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