John Kerry Asked to Resign Amid Scandal

John Kerry Asked to Resign Amid Scandal

( – Our national security relies on our government, military and private sectors all working together with a level of secrecy to keep our nation and our allies safe. But, a new report has put former Secretary of State and current US Special Climate Envoy, John Kerry, under the microscope as allegations arise that he leaked US-Israeli secrets to Iran in the past few years.

An article published on Sunday, April 25 by the New York Times details a leaked call between Iran Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and economist Saeed Leylaz. It alleges that Kerry told Zarif “that Israel had attacked Iranian interests in Syria at least 200 times” to Zarif’s astonishment. If this leaked audio is verified to be true, and Kerry did tell secret Israeli military intel to an Iranian official, it could be seen as treason.

Fox News shared more about the story:

Understandably, multiple Republicans, such as Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) have called for a temporary leave or Kerry’s full resignation until this scandal can be investigated:

Kerry currently denies any such conversation occurred, but the audio and reports show there is at least a possibility Kerry tipped off Iran about Israeli missile attacks. Thankfully, the GOP is calling for a thorough investigation into this allegation, hopefully leading to Kerry’s resignation if it’s true.

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