Joy Reid Accuses Elon Musk of Racism Without An Ounce of Proof

Joy Reid

( – Conservatives can be forgiven if it seems to them that Joy Reid of MSNBC spends every day on her program calling someone a racist if she disagrees with their political position or something they’ve done.

This week, Elon Musk, who is attempting to complete the purchase of Twitter and reform it into a social media platform that values free speech for everyone, was called a racist by Reid and several other prominent leftists.

As the folks at Reason Magazine pointed out:

“On Tuesday night, MSNBC anchor Joy Reid implied that SpaceX/Tesla founder Elon Musk, who’s in the process of purchasing Twitter, wants to own the social media site to restore the white supremacy of Apartheid-era South Africa.

“In Reid’s telling, right-wingers on Twitter have ‘been described as being on the outside of the culture looking in through the glass. But they don’t just want to come in. They want to come in and be able to punch people in the face and walk around and laugh about it and then not have anyone to stop them.’

“‘The enjoyment they get out of being in this ‘town square’ is being able to harass people, being able to attack people…Elon Musk, I guess he misses the old South Africa in the ’80s, I guess he wants that back,’ offered Reid.” [emphasis added]

And, as Reason also notes [and you can see the tweet further down this post]:

“Reid wasn’t the only one hinting, or outright declaring, that Musk has racist motivations. She was joined by discredited Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King, who said Musk’s actions were ‘about white power’ and that he ‘was raised in Apartheid by a white nationalist.'” [emphasis added]

However, neither Reid nor King nor anyone else at MSNBC offered a single ounce of proof that Elon Musk is a racist. In fact, Reason provides evidence to the contrary, and you can see the full report by clicking HERE.

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