Joy Reid Has Another Insane Take On Republicans

MSNBC Show Host Joy Reid

( – If the day of the week ends in a “Y,” you know MSNBC talk show host Joy Reid has made another insane attack on Republicans.

Case in point.

Earlier this week, Reid went on an extended, extremely lengthy Twitter rant during which she claimed that if Republicans get their way, the United States of America is on the road to “fascism mixed with Talibanism.”

As the Daily Wire noted:

“MSNBC host Joy Reid claimed Tuesday that Republicans were pushing the United States toward a dystopian, white-male-centered ‘fascism mixed with Talibanism’ — and that if Democrats were as bad as the GOP, they would be outright accusing Republicans of being pro-rape, pro-child marriage, and more.”

Reid wasn’t done.

“‘The greatest, and sickest irony of the @GOP’s new political strategy is that they are appealing to the most prurient fears of white Christian parents, while passing bills and maintaining alliances that normalize child brides and rape as a legitimate means of procreation,’ Reid said, kicking off a lengthy Twitter thread.”…

“‘I genuinely fear that before long, America will look a lot more like Russia or Hungary or even Afghanistan than any one of y’all can imagine,’ Reid continued with her dire warning. ‘Because Republicans are aggressive in their pursuit of social and political control, while just about everyone else is pretty disengaged.'”

And she went on and on and on. If you can stomach it, you can see the entire thread by clicking on the tweet we’ve captured for you down below.

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