Judge Blocks Greg Abbott’s Executive Order

Judge Blocks Greg Abbott's Executive Order

(RightIsRight.co) – Many Americans just want to see a light at the end of the tunnel of mask mandates, restaurant restrictions and vaccine passport pushes. In Texas, Governor Greg Abbott (R) tried to give his constituents just that, but a judge just ruled against his executive order, allowing local officials to impose mask mandates once again.

Governor Abbott Fights for Texans’ Freedoms

On Thursday, July 29, Governor Abbott signed an executive order restricting local governments from mandating masks, limiting capacities as restaurants and gathering venues or using vaccine passports. Abbott’s reasoning was that Texans understand how to be safe at this point during the pandemic, and his order would allow his citizens to rely on “personal responsibility rather than government mandates.”

This strong stand from Abbott was a step towards protecting personal freedoms when so many other governors around our nation are trying to chip away at them.

Local Judge Rules Against Abbott’s Order

On Tuesday, August 10, a Bexar County Civil District Court Judge granted the local officials a “temporary restraining order against Abbott’s executive order.” This means that the local officials can now place mask mandates, which they quickly did. The judge claimed that an affidavit from the Metro Health Chief Medical Officer paired with students heading back to school encouraged her to rule in favor of the restrictive policies.

In response, Abbott’s Press Secretary, Renae Eze, said this ruling has not stopped the governor’s “resolve to protect the rights and freedoms of all Texans.” She believes that higher courts will soon side with the governor’s executive order.

Abbott Still Fights for the Health of His State

While Governor Abbott has received criticism for his executive order, many outlets have overlooked the many moves the governor is making to protect his citizens with the latest surge in COVID-19. On Monday, August 9, Abbott announced he would bring additional medical staff to local hospitals, increase access to vaccines and increase antibody infusion centers for those suffering from the virus.

Governor Abbott is a great example of one leader who can fight for the health and safety of his state while simultaneously protecting the rights and freedoms of his citizens. Hopefully, another court will rule in favor of his executive order to keep Texans free and give other governors across the nation the encouragement they need to make similar mandates.

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