Justice Breyer Says Supreme Court Is for “All Americans” Despite Unpopularity

Justice Breyer Says Supreme Court Is for
United States Supreme Court

(RightIsRight.co) – In recent years, the battle for control over the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) heated up more and more as hot-button issues like abortion and gun control make their way to the high court. However, many SCOTUS justices recently spoke out against the use of partisan language for the court, instead emphasizing how all the judges want the best for their nation and its citizens.

On Monday, September 13, David Rubenstein hosted US Supreme Court Associate Justice Stephen Breyer on his show “The David Rubenstein Show: Peer-to-Peer Conversations.” During the exchange, Breyer, who is commonly referred to as one of the liberal judges on the court after his nomination by President Bill Clinton, shared that every “judge is there for all Americans.”

PBS NewsHour shared more of Breyer’s thoughts on the subject:

Justice Breyer also highlighted that even if Americans strongly disagree with a particular justice on the high court, each judge still firmly believes that in their roles as judges, they’re there for “all three hundred and thirty-one million” citizens.

Breyer’s pushback against the media’s partisan portrayal of the court comes as some Democrats are calling on the judge to retire before the midterm elections next year, while Democrats are still in charge of Congress. After this interview, however, it’s unlikely Breyer has any desire to retire while serving in such an honorable position.

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