Kamala Harris Fails to Address Question About Border Crisis

Kamala Harris Fails to Address Question About Border Crisis

(RightIsRight.co) – As the number of illegal border crossings approaches a 20-year high, critics from all sides are asking the Biden administration what they’re going to do about it. But, rather than providing answers or even commenting on the issue, Vice President Kamala Harris avoided questions from reporters this week and has since remained quiet on the issue.

On Tuesday, March 16, reporters in Denver, Colorado asked Harris the following question, shared here by CBS News White House correspondent Tim Perry:

This response to the thousands of unaccompanied minors in facilities at the border is in stark contrast to Harris’ strong condemnation of a similar instance during the Trump administration. On the campaign trail, then-California Senator called the housing of migrant children in facilities a “human rights abuse” and said shutting down those facilities would be “one of the first things” she would do as vice president.

Now that her time in the White House is here, though, her hypocrisy is even more clear. What she called a horrendous abuse by the US government a few months ago is now not worthy of comment according to this week’s reports. But, if we’re to protect our national security and ensure the safety of those at the border, the Biden administration must own up to and address the border crisis now.

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