Kevin McCarthy Goes Public Against Nancy Pelosi Reports

( – Even after multiple congressional committees have been formed to investigate the events of January 6, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) wouldn’t give up until she had her own investigation. So, last week, she announced a special committee to investigate the riots of January 6 and vowed it would go on “as long as it takes.” Thankfully, though, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) spoke out against Pelosi’s ridiculous political stunt shortly after.

On Friday, June 25, McCarthy spoke with reporters at his weekly press conference and called Pelosi out on her new committee. He said the Speaker “never talked to me about it” and, instead, encouraged listeners to dig into the investigations already underway by bipartisan congressional committees. He added that “the FBI is the appropriate place to investigate.” Perhaps he was suggesting that Pelosi’s investigation should include the FBI since there have been rumors that the agency was somehow involved in what happened on January 6.

One Twitter user who follows developments in Congress closely shared more about McCarthy’s public dismissal of the new committee:

McCarthy has long been an advocate against extraneous investigations into the events of January 6. In May, he called additional committees to look into the “causes” of the day “duplicative” and “potentially counterproductive.” These comments, paired with his now-public opposition to Pelosi, will hopefully help Pelosi’s new committee simply fall into the background and be seen as the political theatre.

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