Lara Trump Issues Warning About Big Tech Silencing Donald Trump

Lara Trump Issues Warning About Big Tech Silencing Donald Trump

( – Anyone who even dabbles in social media has noticed the immense amount of censorship occurring in the past year. During President Donald Trump’s final days in office, Facebook and Twitter censored him by completely suspending his accounts. This week, though, things got even worse for our 45th president, causing Lara Trump to issue a hefty warning about Big Tech’s influence in our world.

Facebook Takes Down Trump’s First Video Interview Since Leaving Office

On Wednesday, March 31, after Lara Trump uploaded an interview she did with her father-in-law, President Donald Trump, to social media, her team received an email from Facebook warning against it. The email stated that posts “in the voice of President Trump” are prohibited on the platform and “will be removed, resulting in additional limitations on accounts that posted it.”

Following up on their warning, Facebook and Instagram took down the video thirty minutes after posting.

Lara Trump Heads to Fox News to Share the Story

Outraged by the censorship, Lara Trump took to the press to speak out against Big Tech. On Thursday, April 1, Lara Trump spoke with Fox News to warn viewers about the growing censorship. She noted how the events of the week “should terrify every single American” as this form of censorship is what “happens in Communist countries.”

Lara noted that the Left is trying to “erase Donald Trump” in hopes that people will forget about him, so his movement comes to a halt. But, she assured viewers, this will not happen.

Trump Moves Forward With His Own Social Media Plans

Lara Trump warned that while Big Tech censored the former President this time, their censorship is likely to spread to other Americans with whom the Left disagrees. We cannot allow major tech companies to dictate what we can and can’t say.

Lara encouraged listeners by indicating President Trump is still moving forward with his own social media platform and that there has “never been a better time than now” for such a thing. So, let’s be thankful that President Trump continues to fight for us as we await a platform where we can share our opinions without censorship.

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