Lawmakers Finally Send Urgent Request to Joe Biden

Lawmakers Finally Send Urgent Request to Joe Biden

( – After the Taliban’s swift takeover of Afghanistan, Americans waited with bated breath to see how President Joe Biden would react and take charge of the situation. His lack of leadership and sense of urgency led to his decision to quickly pull troops out of the Middle Eastern nation. He also did little to reassure those still trapped in the nation that he would prioritize their safety in the coming weeks. Many GOP lawmakers called the president out on his lack of responsibility, urging him to help those in need.

On Thursday, August 19, 16 Republican lawmakers wrote a letter to President Biden asking him to use “all means necessary” to evacuate the US citizens and Afghans our nation promised to protect from the now Taliban-governed nation. The letter highlighted how Biden knew a “complete, unconditional US withdrawal would be catastrophic,” yet the administration failed to react to what it knew was coming.

Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK) shared the letter on Twitter:

The Senators did not beat around the bush in their words. They emphasized that if the US does not evacuate those it’s promised to protect, “they will face a tragic and deadly fate.” Hopefully, President Biden responds to this clear message to protect Americans and our allies, although he has yet to assure Americans he will do anything of the sort.

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