Lawmakers Speak Out About Dropped Whitmer Probe

Lawmakers Speak Out About Dropped Whitmer Probe

( – Michigan Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer has found herself in the spotlight quite a few times during the coronavirus pandemic, as her intense lockdowns and mask policies restricted her citizens’ freedoms and crushed the state’s economy. Now, many GOP lawmakers are speaking out against the US Department of Justice (DOJ) following the announcement that there will not be an investigation into Michigan nursing home deaths allegedly caused by her COVID-19 policies.

On Thursday, July 22, the DOJ announced it will not investigate Governor Whitmer’s decision to force nursing homes to take patients who tested positive for COVID-19 into their facilities. The DOJ has also chosen not to look into similar occurrences in New York and Pennsylvania at this time. All these states have Democratic governors.

Representatives Lisa McClain (R-MI), Tim Walberg (R-MI), and Bill Huizenga (R-MI) are demanding answers as to why healthy Michigan care home residents were knowingly “locked in facilities with COVID-carrying individuals.”

The Daily Wire shared more:

As of July 21, 5,681 deaths have been reported in Michigan’s long-term care facilities, making up around 30% of the states’ total deaths. However, the Mackinac Center for Public Policy believes that number could be the result of severe underreporting and the actual count may be closer to 8,700.

If these numbers are even close to accurate, our lawmakers must continue to pressure the DOJ to probe Whitmer’s horrific policies around COVID-19 and nursing homes.

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