Leaked Documents: While Afghanistan Collapsed, Biden Did Nothing

Afghanistan Withdrawal

(RightIsRight.com) – This morning, we want to draw attention to a blockbuster report over at Axios concerning the catastrophic way in which President Joe Biden and the Biden administration conducted the United States withdrawal from Afghanistan.

No matter how you feel about whether or not it was time to get our military out of Afghanistan – and many believe it was time – there are few Americans who believe Biden, acting as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, conducted the withdrawal successfully.

Now, given the report highlighted below, more is known about just how ineffective and pathetic Biden was during his most crucial handling of the military so far in his presidency.

As Axios reports in Scoop: Leaked document reveals Biden’s Afghan failures:

Leaked notes from a White House Situation Room meeting the day before Kabul fell shed new light on just how unprepared the Biden administration was to evacuate Afghan nationals who’d helped the United States in its 20-year war against the Taliban.

Hours before the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan’s capital on Aug. 15, 2021, senior Biden administration officials were still discussing and assigning basic actions involved in a mass civilian evacuation…

“The meeting notes highlight how many crucial actions the Biden administration was deciding at the last minute — just hours before Kabul would fall and former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani would flee his palace in a helicopter.” [emphasis added]

We encourage you to read the full, detailed report by Axios along with the actual leaked notes Axios obtained. You can see it all by clicking HERE.

Bottom line: Joe Biden was far more concerned about completing the withdrawal by a historically significant date, the 20th anniversary of 9/11, than he was in properly leading the U.S. Military in his role as Commander in Chief. Consequently, American troops died, Americans were abandoned, military equipment was abandoned and left for the Taliban, and an extremely sordid chapter in U.S. history is the fault of Biden.

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