LeBron James Mocks Boy For Crying On The Stand

(RightIsRight.co) – With each passing day, more and more Americans are tuning in to watch the murder trial of Kyle Rittenhouse. Yesterday, Kyle took the stand in his own defense, and at one point broke down crying. His sobbing resulted in thousands of liberals, socialists, and members of Antifa mocking him on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

As you can see by the tweets we captured and are republishing below, one of the most prominent celebrities to mock and ridicule Kyle for getting emotional while testifying was NBA legend, LeBron James. Not only did James mock Kyle, he told his 50 million followers on Twitter that Kyle was faking his emotion – faking his crying and that there were no tears.

But, not only is James wrong, he’s a hypocrite, as you’ll see in the second tweeted photo a bit further down the page.

As USA TODAY noted in its headline and as cameras in the courtroom captured, Kyle did shed tears.

And, if there’s anyone in the world who has no business commenting on someone crying and getting emotional, it’s James. Do a Google search on LeBron James crying, and you’ll find dozens of photographs.

And, unlike James, Kyle is on trial for murder and other serious offenses that could send him away for the rest of his life for acts he believes he did to save his own life. LeBron James tears were about the game of basketball.

Look at LeBron James’ tweet below and the photos. Do you think James was right or wrong to mock Kyle Rittenhouse? What is your opinion of James? What is your view of Kyle?

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