Lee Greenwood’s Big Surprise

Lee Greenwood
Lee Greenwood

(RightIsRight.co) – After a remarkable journey spanning over four decades in the music industry, country music icon Lee Greenwood, celebrated for his timeless anthem “God Bless the U.S.A.,” has announced his retirement.

In a revealing podcast interview with Brilyn Hollyhand, a 17-year-old co-chair of the Republican National Committee’s (RNC) youth advisory council, Greenwood confirmed that he would conclude his illustrious career following his 2024 tour. Hollyhand is also the editor-in-chief of The Truth Gazette and host of “The Brilyn Hollyhand Show” podcast.

During an interview in early November, before his concert in Montgomery, Alabama, Hollyhand queried Greenwood about the rumors of his retirement. Greenwood affirmed, “It’s not just a rumor. It will be my last year to tour,” though the final performance’s location remains undecided.

Distinguishing himself from other artists, Greenwood emphasized that his final tour would not be a temporary farewell, only to return shortly after that. At 81 years old, Greenwood cited his age and health concerns, including surgeries that led to titanium implants in his knees and back, as key factors in his decision.

He expressed a desire to dedicate more time to his family, particularly his wife of 31 years, former Miss Tennessee USA Kimberly Payne, and his two college-aged sons. “She has yet to have my total time,” Greenwood noted, underscoring his commitment to prioritizing his family in the coming years.

Greenwood graciously acknowledged the unwavering support of his fans throughout his career, saying, “I’m so grateful for the years that they come to my shows continually.” He humorously remarked on the longevity of his repertoire, which fans have enjoyed for decades.

Greenwood’s career, which catapulted to prominence in the 1980s, is marked by numerous hits, including his first single, “It Turns Me Inside Out,” and subsequent Top 10 songs like “Ring on Her Finger, Time on Her Hand,” and “She’s Lying.” His first number-one hit, “Somebody’s Gonna Love You,” was released in 1983. The following year, Greenwood debuted “God Bless the U.S.A.,” a unifying patriotic song penned in the back of his tour bus, which he described as a manifestation of his desire to instill national pride.

“God Bless the U.S.A.” has been a staple at various political events, including former President Donald Trump’s campaign rallies and White House events. Greenwood’s contributions to the arts were recognized through appointments to prestigious positions by Presidents Bush and Trump. However, he was replaced during Biden’s administration, a decision Greenwood described as “shocking” during a September 2021 appearance on “Fox and Friends.”