Left Wants to ‘Burn to the Ground’ America of ‘Old White Men’

(RightIsRight.co – The American Left used this year’s July 4th to attack the United States of America and even to openly promote sedition with calls for “burning this country to the ground” and bashing of “Old White Men.”

Much of the anti-American hatred from liberals was fueled by the recent ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court to end the federal-level legality of abortion, empowering at least 26 states to introduce full or partial abortion bans.

However, many of the activists of “progressivism” also lashed out against the United States in general, taking advantage of the same freedom of speech they seem to hate so much when it comes to anything disputing or disproving their views.

Here are several examples of leftists losing their minds over Independence Day:

  • “Any other fellow Americans not really in the mood to celebrate Independence Day this year? I sure don’t feel like rah-rahing for this country right now… My mood this year is more like what about if we burn this country to the goddamn ground, as a little treat?” wrote on Twitter Alisha Grauso, a features editor at Screen Rant, a Hollywood-based publication.
  • “Happy Independence Day for Old White Men,” tweeted Hollywood producer Randi Mayem Singer known as the screenwriter for Mrs. Doubtfire.
  • “How can our nation celebrate ‘Independence Day’ when the GOP Supreme ‘Court’ just stripped women of the right to personal freedom?!” tweeted Dean Obeidallah, a contributor to MSNBC.
  • “Today is the anniversary of the Civil Rights Act and Monday is July 4th. And yet here we are in 2022 without basic civil and human rights or independence and fundamental freedoms for women,” posted liberal author Don Winslow.
  • “I’m not celebrating Independence Day because I don’t like I live in a free country anymore,” complained Brandi Glanville, who is described by Fox News as a “TV personality.”
  • “Conservatives are going to trample on human rights, then turn around and celebrate Independence Day weekend,” tweeted Nina Turner, a former Democrat state senator in Ohio and current contributor to MSNBC.
  • “On #IndependenceDay it’s important to remember the former president is a traitor who fomented a domestic terror attack on the Capitol in order to stop the certification of his legitimate loss and in effect overthrow the country and rule of law. And he was never brought to justice,” wrote Luke Zaleski, legal affairs editor for the Condé-Nast company, which owns Vogue, Vanity Fair, and The New Yorker.