Leftist Prof Arrested; Politically Motivated Murder


(RightIsRight.co) – In a hate-fueled antisemitic attack, a leftist computer science professor at Ventura County Community College was arrested midweek and faces charges of involuntary manslaughter.

Loay Alnaji’s arrest follows his involvement in a fatal confrontation with pro-Israel demonstrator Paul Kessler earlier in November.

The incident, which took place in Los Angeles, resulted in Kessler sustaining injuries that ultimately led to his death. According to a statement from the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department, “a physical altercation with counter-protestor(s)” occurred during which Kessler fell backward, hitting his head on the ground. The Ventura County Medical Examiner’s Office concluded that Kessler’s death was caused by blunt force head trauma and ruled it a homicide.

In the immediate aftermath of the altercation, an individual, now identified as Alnaji, was taken into custody by the police. A search of his home was conducted, after which he was released.

Ventura County Sheriff Jim Fryhoff informed the media that Alnaji cooperated with the authorities. However, his identity was not disclosed publicly until a comprehensive investigation was underway.

The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles reacted to the news of Kessler’s death with a statement. They expressed their devastation upon learning about the death of an elderly Jewish man, who they stated was attacked with a megaphone by a pro-Palestinian protester in Westlake Village.

The Federation conveyed its condolences to the victim’s family and highlighted the significance of the incident, stating, “Our hearts are with the family of the victim.” They also noted that this event marked the fourth major antisemitic crime in Los Angeles within the year.

This case underscores the tragic consequences that emerge from antisemitism. The incident reflects broader concerns about the escalation of tensions and violence induced by the extreme left in politically and ideologically charged protests.