Liberal ‘Dark Money’ Attacks Election Challengers

David Brock

( – A tactic most commonly used to attack those running for elected office is now being employed by the detestable and infamous David Brock – a man who is utterly without morality or character – against lawyers who aided former President Donald Trump in questioning the legitimacy of the 2020 Presidential Election.

Those of us who have been around politics going back to the Clinton years (and even earlier) know that David Brock is one of the most loathsome individuals ever to be involved in politics.

As Breitbart points out:

“Left-wing ideologue David Brock has launched a “dark money” effort to disbar, publicly shame, and impoverish more than 100 lawyers who participated in filing post-election legal challenges to the 2020 presidential election results.

“Axios reported Monday that the effort, named the “65 Project” because of the number of post-election lawsuits, is funded by anonymous donors and aims to discourage lawyers from representing Republican clients in any future election challenges.” [emphasis added]


“Brock made no attempt to hide the fact that he is trying to deprive his targets of their ability to earn a living, and that he is picking on smaller targets, simply because they represented an opposing side in legitimate filings in an election dispute.” [emphasis added]

Once again, David Brock has proven himself to be who we have always known him to be – a political sewer-dweller.

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