Liberal New Yorkers to Biden: Stop Sending Illegals To Us!

Illegal Aliens Being Bused Across the U.S.

( – Members of the New York City Council are openly rebelling against the federal government’s policy of sending illegal aliens to their liberal city and putting severe stress on its economic and social resources.

A total of seven NYC Council members have sent an open letter to Alejandro Mayorkas, President Joe Biden’s Secretary of Homeland Security, complaining about the illegal immigrants who come to the Big Apple.

According to the letter, cited by The New York Post, the illegals flocking to the city are “crippling” its home shelters and using other critical resources.

The councilors are openly accusing the federal agencies of taking advantage of the taxpayers of New York City by busing and flying no fewer than 2,800 illegal immigrants there in the past few weeks.

“We know from experience these migrants will remain here indefinitely, utilizing city social services and infrastructure, and sending their children to public schools,” they wrote.

“We also know from recent reports that many of the migrants sent here have no relatives or friends or any ties to New York City. Your agencies are clearly taking advantage of New York City’s ‘right to shelter’ laws, which require us to find housing for anyone who comes here, regardless of residency or immigration status,” the highly liberal NY City Council members complained.

The letter to Biden’s Homeland Security Secretary is signed by seven NYC councilors who say they are forming a new “Common-Sense Caucus.”

The group includes two Democrats and five Republicans. Among them are the Republican Minority Leader, Joseph Borelli of Staten Island, and Robert Holden, a Democrat from Queens.

The NYC councilors crying foul over the arrival of thousands of illegal immigrants to their liberal city also said they supported a statement by the city’s Democrat Mayor, Eric Adams, a Biden ally.

Adams has stated that New York City needs “additional federal resources immediately” to handle the arrivals of illegals generously allowed into the United States by the “no-border” policy of the Biden administration.

Adams has previously accused the influx of illegals on the Republican governors of the states of Texas and Arizona, claiming that they are sending illegals to New York City.

The governors have been trying to crack down on the illegal border crossings to the best of their abilities with state resources and have denied such accusations.