Lindsey Graham Calls for Mitch McConnell to Fight Against Trump’s Impeachment

Lindsey Graham

( – Last week, the House of Representatives voted to impeach former President Donald Trump for a second time. Democrats are hoping to hold a Senate trial in order to prohibit him from holding office again. But, many Senators, including Lindsay Graham (R-SC) are fighting against these efforts.

On Tuesday, January 19, during an interview on Fox News, Graham asked Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to “unequivocally” fight back against the second impeachment of Donald Trump. He called the Left’s efforts both “unconstitutional” and “bad for the country.”

Lindsay Graham’s remarks can be seen here:

Attempting to hold a Senate impeachment trial after a president has left office is unheard of and unprecedented. Graham points out this would only further divide our nation when we desperately need to find common ground.

It’s not the Senate’s place to rule on whether Trump can run for office again. Instead, that decision should be left up to the people of these United States over the next four years as we rally behind our nomination for the next president of our nation.

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