Lindsey Graham Discusses Potential Filibuster Changes

Lindsey Graham Discusses Potential Filibuster Changes

( – Right now, the Senate’s minority party can use a legislative filibuster to keep a bill from going to vote while still allowing the Senate to conduct other business. However, Democrats hope to return the Upper Chamber to a talking filibuster procedure, but many Republicans have cautioned that it could leave Congress in chaos.

On Wednesday, March 17, Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC) spoke with Fox News’s Sean Hannity about the Left’s attempt to abolish the filibuster. The South Carolina lawmaker believes this change would “destroy the Senate as we know it,” as days could easily be filled with Senators talking endlessly to delay bills. As for himself, Graham said he would “talk until I fell over” to ensure Democrats didn’t pass HR1, their latest voting bill.

Sean Hannity laid out the reality of the situation on Twitter:

Graham emphasized the Senate shouldn’t abandon long-standing rules simply because it’s split 50-50. Rather, any party should “be able to get a few votes from the other side” for any bill they want to pass. A spirit of cooperation and synthesis was how the Legislative branch was designed to function.

The GOP’s best defense against the Democrats’ major power grab is a good offense in the 2022 midterms. So, make sure you’re ready to rally behind your candidates and vote when the time comes.

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