Lindsey Graham Says Adding Immigration to “Infrastructure” Is “Dumbest” Idea in History

Lindsey Graham Says Adding Immigration to

( – Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) usually does quite well speaking directly about a situation, not wanting to waste words beating around the bush. This week, he used his political platform to highlight just how silly the Democrat’s latest infrastructure proposal is, calling it the “dumbest idea in the history of the Senate.”

On Monday, July 19, Graham spoke with Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” about the latest proposal from the Left, where Democratic Representatives requested their congressional budget committees to include immigration reform in the 2022 budget resolution. He highlighted how this plan “will lead to an invasion of illegal immigration,” likening it to putting jet fuel on an already roaring fire.

Newsmax shared more about Graham’s statement:

Granting amnesty to illegal immigrants who have managed to sneak across our border would only encourage more to come, which is the last thing the United States needs right now. Graham highlighted this would “will lead to the break down of law and order beyond what you see today.” In addition, Graham highlights that amnesty has nothing to do with roads, ports, and traditional “infrastructure,” and it shouldn’t be included for that reason alone. All in all, Graham’s strong words against including immigration in the infrastructure bill are completely understandable, and Americans simply have to trust that other lawmakers agree with him.

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