LUNACY: Liberal Lawmakers Want To BAN Drilling During the Highest Oil Prices In History

US Capitol

( – If there has ever been a time in American history when the oil and gas industry should be encouraged in every way possible to drill for more fossil fuels than the current time, we’re hard-pressed to think of when that would have been.

Americans’ paychecks — paltry as they are in many cases — are being depleted at an ever-faster pace because of record inflation. And a significant portion of that economic pain comes from what hard-working families are forced to pay for a gallon of gas at their local gas station.

So, you’d think every elected official across this once great land would bend over backward to help the oil and gas professionals ramp up production.

You might think that, but you’d be wrong.

As Politico reports in a new piece headlined “House liberals to urge Biden to declare climate emergency, ban drilling on federal lands”:

“House progressives are planning to call on President Joe Biden this week to use his executive power to declare climate change a national emergency and to ban fossil fuel drilling on public lands.

“The request from the Congressional Progressive Caucus comes as many Democratic clean energy priorities have stalled in Congress. The push for the sweeping use of the executive powers expected from the group of nearly 100 lawmakers on Thursday will also touch issues such as student loan debt, voting rights and immigration.

“Rep. Jared Huffman (D-Calif.), a caucus member, told POLITICO that calling on Biden to declare a climate emergency would be one of the “centerpiece” actions to headline their executive order plan.”

Read those three paragraphs again and then ask yourself what planet these 100 lawmakers are living on that they want to end oil and gas drilling on federal lands at this precise moment.

What is your opinion about the House liberals who want Biden to declare a climate emergency as a pretense for banning oil and gas drilling on federal lands? Please email [email protected] with your opinion. Thank you.